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The Fraud by Brandon Sanderson 
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The Kraken Project 
by Douglas Preston 
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Tress and the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson 
Rating: 5.0 Stars * * * * *
What a fun read this book was. It was very much like The Pricess Bride. When Tress’ love interest is captured by the Soceress, Tress embarks on a dangerous sea journey to save him. However, Dragons, deadly spores, and a hateful pirate captain all get in her way. What an adventure!  

The Vineyard by Maria Duenas 
Rating: 4.5 Stars * * * *
Way out of my genre, this book kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning. It was a great journey following the main character, a spanish miner who ran out of luck, lost everything, and looked for opportunities to restore his fortune. From Mexico City to Havana to Cadiz Spain, this adventure was an awesome one.  

Short Stories  by Roald Dahl 
Rating: 5.0 Stars * * * * 
This is the second time I’ve read these short stories, and I loved them even more than the first time I read them. Such clever writing. My favorites include Dip in the Pool, Taste, Royal Jelly, Parson’s Pleasure, and The Visitor (actually, I liked all of them!) 

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