Upcoming Events

Below are some of the upcoming public events I will be speaking at about software architecture and microservices. Hope to see you there!

April 2024 Public Events:

Architectural Thinking
Symphony Solutions Tech Talk
April 30, 2024  4pm CET

May 2024 Public Events:

Iterative Architecture By Example (with Neal Ford)
O’Reilly Live Online Training (4 hours)
May 7, 2024  9am - 1pm EST

Software Architecture By Example (with Neal Ford)
O’Reilly Live Online Training (4 hours)
May 8, 2024  9am - 1pm EDT

Codecamp Bucharest
One-Day In-Person Conference
Session: Welcome to the Data Side of Event-Driven Architecture
May 23, 2024, Bucharest, Romania

Fundamentals of Software Architecture Masterclass
Codecamp One-Day In-Person Masterclass
May 24, 2024, Bucharest, Romania

Software Architecture: The Hard Parts Masterclass
DDDEurope 2-Day In-Person Masterclass
May 27-28, 2024,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

DDDEurope Conference
2-Day In-Person Conference
Session: The Intersection of Architecture and Implementation
May 30-31, 2024,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

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