Software Developer To Software Architect

The journey from developer to software architect is a difficult and uncharted path filled with lots of challenges, pitfalls, and confusion. The purpose and goal of is to provide resources and training to help you along the journey to becoming an effective software architect

Mark Richards, Software Architect, Founder of

I created this website to provide developers with resources and guidance in the long and difficult journey from software developer to software architect. In here you’ll find helpful lessons, articles, books, videos, source code, and training classes I teach. 

Software Architecture Monday is a free bi-weekly video lesson series on some aspect of software architecture. These 10 minute YouTube videos contain various aspects of application, integration, and enterprise architecture. 

Software Architecture Training contains a detailed description of public and private (corporate) hands-on training classes (live and virtual) I teach in areas of software architecture and microservices. 

The Articles section contains a collection of interesting and relevant articles related to software architecture that I’ve both authored and found useful in my role as a software architect and would highly recommend.  

The Software Architecture Books section contains books either I have written or that have had an influence on my career as a software architect. It is by no means a definitive list, but rather those books I would highly recommend.

The Software Architecture Videos section contains videos I've recorded by myself or with Neal Ford. While not an exhaustive list, these are videos I would recommend watching during your journey from developer to software architect.

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