Migrating To Microservices: Decomposing Monolithic Applications

Format: Live Virtual Training
Duration: 4 hours
Instructor: Mark Richards

Microservices is one of the latest software architecture styles that promises to deliver benefits such as ease of testing, fast and easy deployments, fine-grained scalability, architectural modularity, and overall agility. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling trying to break apart their existing monolithic or service-oriented architectures and move them to a microservices architecture, and are finding it more effort than they bargained for. This hands-on workshop takes you on a detailed journey on ways to effectively and iteratively break apart a monolithic application into microservices through various decomposition patterns. You’ll also learn how to identify services, get service granularity right, and how to break apart monolithic data. By the end of this workshop you will gain a keen understanding of the patterns and techniques to effectively analyze tradeoffs, options, and pathways for effectively migrating applications to microservices.

This workshop can be combined with Migrating To Microservices: Communication, Workflow, and Transactions to build a comprehensive full-day class. 

For more information about the pricing and availability of this course for private (corporate) training, please contact Mark Richards at info@developertoarchitect.com.

Workshop Agenda

  • Architectural Modularity
  • Component-Based Decomposition
    • Identify and Size Logical Components Pattern
    • Flatten Components Pattern
    • Hands-on Exercises
    • Identify Component Dependencies Pattern
    • Create Component Domains Pattern
    • Create Domain Services Pattern
  • Domain Service Decomposition
  • Service Granularity
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Breaking Apart Monolithic Data

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